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Isopods & Springtails

Welcome to Zander’s Pods, your one-stop shop for all your isopod needs! From Cubaris to Armadillidium, Porcellio to Porcellionides and more, we have a wide selection of critters to choose from. Our isopods are shipped directly from our farms and arrive to you healthy and happy.

We are passionate about helping our customers create a healthy and happy environment for their new isopod friends. We are always happy to answer questions and provide helpful advice. Browse our selection today and get ready for a unique and exciting pet-keeping experience


Cubaris Isopods



Porcellio Isopods


Porcellionide Isopods



About Zander's Pods

At Zander's Pods, we are passionate about isopods and the role they play in the planet's major cycles. We strive to provide our customers with the best isopods on the market, offering a variety of species to suit every need. Our isopods are bred in a controlled environment to ensure the highest quality and long-term success.


We also pride ourselves on our commitment to educating our customers about isopods. Our website provides detailed information about isopods, their needs and their role in the environment. We believe that all pet owners should be well informed and prepared for the responsibility of caring for isopods.

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