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Black Panda King (Cubaris sp.)

Black Panda King (Cubaris sp.)

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The Black Panda King Isopod (Cubaris sp.) is a rare and beautiful species of isopod. With its stunning black and white markings, it is sure to be a stunning addition to any isopod collection. The Black Panda King Isopod is a perfect choice for beginner isopod breeders due to its hardy nature and easy care requirements. In order to properly care for a Panda King Isopod, it is important to provide them with an enclosure with the proper temperature and humidity, a substrate composed of wood and leaf litter, and a diet of fruits and vegetables. For optimal care, Panda King Isopods should be kept in a warm, humid, and well-ventilated enclosure. With the right environment, these beautiful critters will thrive and make a stunning addition to your collection

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